Great project to add value, for young people!

We are very proud and happy to be able to announce this great project that KitCo has achieved together with beUnicoos Thanks to the great work of the team at INJUVE Youth Institute of Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 and to European initiatives such as Erasmus + and TCA NET of the Erasmus solidarity corp

Training course in October 2022 in which young people (from 18 years old) can:

1.- Pass a process of self-knowledgeself discovery through the dynamics of KitCo to answer two of the most important questions of our lives: who I am? and what do I want?

2.- Create your own value proposal from their talentsvalues

3.- Connect with the world through SDG (sustainable development goals) and tools created by beUnicoos to make the process fun and exciting.

4.- Develop the competencies required in the professional field.

5.- Create your own action plan Of future

6.- Getting certifications of: Self-knowledge, ODS and Youthpass.

7.- Through an online and experiential experience in the metaverse thanks to the platform

And much more thanks to the work of the training team: DAVID GRILL STREET (founder of UNICOOS Y beUnicoos Elsa Gimenez Buendia (founder of KitCo), Gustavo Medina (founder and CEO of, Francisco Alcaraz-Cabero (partner of UNICOOS and co-founder of beUnicoos), Nacho Herrero Hernando (partner of KitCo), Esther Rocasalbas Samso (executive coach and partner of KitCo), Leyre Varela (Talent and Career Transition Coach | collaborator of KitCo)

And great speakers such as, among others: Susanna Cabos (Agile Methodology), Ana Maria Olivan (The elements), Martha Larraz (Personal brand), Maria Jesus Saenz Suso (Stress Management), Beti Ribs (Wellness), etc.

Help us spread this message, so that young people can sign up totally free to this great project created by and for them.

Registration deadline: September 19

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