We are in the Beta phase, developing and making improvements based on the feedback received to provide maximum value*

* Some services may crash at some point or are not fully optimized. We appreciate your feedback in this regard to continue improving

Access the personal user registration to start your process of self-knowledge with these three dynamics: "Discover your talents, Become aware of your genuine values and Coherence with your essence".

While we are in the beta phase, access as a personal user is free! We do not ask you for bank details so do not hesitate to register and enjoy this opportunity! 

When you register as a personal user you will receive an email with a link to access the KitCo Digital Platform.

While we are in the beta phase, by acquiring your Professional KitCo or School KitCo (physical game) you will be able to access the professional user registration. Through an alphanumeric code found on the QR card included in your KitCo Professional or Schools. This registration allows you to have a professional panel from which to invite your clients or students to do the dynamics and you will be able to monitor them. 

We continue working on the development of the platform so that you can carry out other KitCo dynamics in digital mode. We will be updating the content. 

Thousands of users are already using KitCo

In a simple, visual and intuitive way you will reflect on what you need to feel motivation and satisfaction in life


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