KitCo Digital Platform

When you register in the user area you will receive a link to access the KitCo Platform, now in Beta phase, to carry out the dynamics of talents in digital mode. 

With both KitCo Professional and KitCo Escuelas you will have an individual control panel to be able to invite other users to carry out the talent dynamics. 

While we are in beta, access is free and you can invite unlimited users so they can make their own talent dynamics! We do not ask for bank details so do not hesitate to register and enjoy this opportunity! 

We continue working on the development of the platform so that you can carry out other KitCo dynamics in digital mode. We will be updating the content. 

Professional user website

When you proceed with the registration you will receive an email with a link to access a web page with support content for the dynamics, such as downloadable files and multimedia content. 

We are updating this information so I suggest you keep an eye on it from time to time. Soon we will make a newsletter so you can know when there is an update.

This link will always be free to access. 

Wishing you enjoy your KitCo!