KitCo, leads to the self-discovery of talents and the creation of value proposal

KitCo values the talents of the person as a unique person that is

Being clear about our talents is having an ace up our sleeve in search for a job or in decision-making for the professional orientation

◦ Discovery of your talents ◦ Professional Guidance ◦ Ikigai ◦

Knowing our talents will allow us to know what our mission in life is, our reason for being, or what is known by the Japanese term, our “Ikigai”.


Knowing our talents will allow us make decisions facing of new challenges or introduce ourselves to selection processes with more security.

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The sooner we discover our talents, the better the opportunity to increase and enhance it.




Knowing your talents will allow you develop your best version, unleash your potential as the unique person you are. 

Discover how you see yourself and how the people in your life see you according to different environments (family, friends, work, etc.)



Knowing your talents will allow you develop your potential, make better decisions in the face of new challenges such as professional orientation, as well as introduce yourself to selection processes with more security, creating your value proposition

With the 33 talent cards and a talent test you will be able to discover your SIX main talents. 

You will analyze how you see yourself and how the people in your life see you, through a 360º process (family, friends, co-workers, sports partners, etc.)

Did any talent or skill test you've taken count in the process for you to ask your family or friends what talents they perceive in you? Those who know you can say a lot about what talents they see in you. In addition, you may have some talent so innate that you cannot see it as a talent properly; Those who know you will see it and make you discover it. 

With KitCo you decide what your six talents are. Yes, that's the difference, and the value proposition. It is not a diagnosis, there is no valid result other than the one from which your feel that it is part of you

The analysis of the different results of the test, both for you and for your environment, will serve for your process of self-knowledge, and with it you will end up choosing your SIX TALENTS main, those that visualizing yourself developing them feel satisfaction and coherence with yourself


KitCo is your tool to discover your talents Y analyze professions in which you can develop them to contribute your unique value and live a motivating and fulfilling life. 

You must first perform the dynamics of discovering your talents. 

Later you will have to identify those professions that require your talents. You can do it either by doing a search on the internet or asking human resources people, etc. how to use the Professions vs Talents Addendum which is in the KitCo kit. 

For each talent you must select which professions you are curious about. You will have to do a discovery exercise of those professions that you do not know. So when you know what they are about, you can proceed to select them if they make you curious. 

You will notice that some professions are repeated in one or more talents. The professions that are repeated the most can be professions related to you. 

In the process you will be able to finish selecting the professions that make you vibrate the most, while reflecting and answering certain questions that you ask yourself.  The exploration will allow you to identify your ideal career or professional.

KitCo is not a diagnosis, it is a guide that allows you to get to know yourself better and reflect to make your own decisions. That is one of the value propositions of KitCo's career guidance exercise.


Through a simple and visual dynamic, you will be able to analyze how consistent your current life is based on your talents and values.

Through the realization of ikigai mandala You will be able to identify those activities that you like, through which you can put your talents into practice, allow you to connect with the needs of the environment keeping your values in mind, and for which you can be rewarded. So that they lead you to a full and satisfying life, to your reason for being, your IKIGAI.

You will be able to access the KitCo Digital Platform, for free while we are in the beta phase, to begin your process of self-knowledge with these three dynamics: "Discover your talents, Become Aware of your Genuine Values and Coherence with your Essence".

With the purchase of your KitCo Professional we are giving (while we are in beta phase) free access to the "Professional" user registration of the KitCo Digital Platform.

As a "Professional" user you have your own panel to invite and monitor your clients. Access with the alphanumeric code found on the QR card that is included in your Professional KitCo.



KitCo's group games allow us to recognize each other's talents in family, friends and teams in a gamified way.

Whoever plays this game has the feeling of having received a gift.

KitCo Professional

Final price

119 €

Complete KitCo: Cards of Talents, Values and Emotions, with all the dynamics and games. 

Professional KitCo It has two main functionalities:

(1) As a visual support tool to make your own dynamics as a professional. you have 139 cards with inspiring images on one side and the concept and definition on the other. 33 cards of talents, 50 cards of emotions and 56 letters of values. Available in several languages: Spanish, Catalan and English.

(2) As a tool to carry out different individual, groupal or team dynamics. You will find dynamics such as: discover your talents, discover your ideal profession, be aware of your genuine values ​​and how present you are in life, know the values ​​of your team or company that allow consistency in decision-making, find your «ikigai”, purpose in life, recognize and manage your emotions, dynamics of coherence with your essence, among others, etc.

Designed to carry out the dynamics from a complete reflection, converging intuition and emotion through the inspiring images of the cards with logic and reason through the reading of the concepts and definitions of the cards.

Professional KitCo contains a web link with support content to do the dynamics, as well as downloadable files. This content and files are updated with the co-creation of the KitCo community. So you will have new ideas, new games and dynamics, new files and new inspiration to work with the same tool.

Common content (KitCo Professional, KitCo Friends & Family and KitCo Schools): 

    • 33 talent cards 
    • 56 stock cards
    • 50 emotion cards
    • 1 board – Emotional Map
    • 1 anti-stress rubber ball
    • Portable container case
    • KitCo Complete Experience Guide Book that includes:

(I) Group Dynamics and Games:

      • Sets emotions: mime of emotions, emotional dictionary, how do I feel when?, how are you?, guess the card, emotional map, connecting; 
      • Game of talents: who represents these talents?;
      • sets values: the values of the group, family, friends or partner and the values of the team or company;
      • group game of SDG: the team's sustainable development goals.

(II) Dynamics and Individual Games:

      • dynamics of emotions: emotional map dynamics, daily emotional development and my visualization map
      • dynamics of values: discovering my values and dynamics discovering my SDGs.
      • dynamics of talents: discovering my talents, discovering my value proposition, discovering my profession, coherence with my essence and discovering my Ikigai.
    • Web link with support content to do the dynamics, as well as downloadable files: 
      • Test and talent template
      • values template
      • Coherence template with your essence
      • Ikigai Template
      • Addendum of talents vs professions.
      • KitCo Guide Complete Digital Experience
    • Free regular updates of the web link content from the co-creation of the KitCo community. So you will have new ideas, new games and dynamics, new files and new inspiration to play with the same tool.

Additional content for being KitCo Professional (unlike KitCo Schools or KitCo Friends & Family):

    • In the KitCo Professional Web Link you will find the following content designed for professionals:
      • Report client template. 
      • Infant and Primary School Program
      • ESO and Baccalaureate School Program
      • More than 90 KitCo activities adapted to the age and characteristics of each school year.  
      • This KitCo Professional web link presents all the content of KitCo Schools and KitCo Friends & Family, as well as additional content designed for professionals.  

Letters available in the following languages: (1) Spanish – English, (2) Spanish – Catalan, (3) Catalan – English

NOTE: The cards have inspirational images on one side and the concept of the emotiontalent either worth, and its definition.



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