The work of personal development leads to the magic of self-knowledge.

KitCo Gamifies the Learning of BEING, what they did not teach us in schools.

When we free ourselves from our autopilot and allow ourselves to become aware of who we are, our decisions are more accurate and our actions allow us to live a fuller life. 

◦ Discovery of your talents ◦ Professional Guidance ◦ Ikigai ◦

KitCo helps you look inside yourself, making the difficult easy, thanks to visual and inspiring dynamics and games. 



Knowing your talents will allow you make decisions facing of new challenges or present yourself to selection processes with more security.

Discover how you see yourself and how the people in your life see you according to different environments (family, friends, work, etc.)

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Access the KitCo Digital Platform, free while we are in beta, to begin your process of self-knowledge with these three dynamics: "Discover your talents, Become Aware of your Genuine Values and Coherence with your Essence".



From your talents you will build your value proposition, what makes you unique, as the unique person you are. 



Knowing our genuine values and being aware of our limiting beliefs will allow us to take action to live a coherent life, a satisfying life.



From your talents you will be able to analyze in which professions these talents are highly valued. Your values will guide you to finish making decisions about what profession to pursue.

KitCo is not a diagnosis, it is a guide for reflection so that you can make your own decisions. 



KitCo accompanies you in the process of finding the meaning of your life, your Ikigai, your reason for being. You will live an enriching process of self-knowledge. 



Once you have discovered your six main talents and have become aware of your six genuine values, you will be able to analyze in your day to day how consistent you are with your essence. 



Analyze in a visual way how you are experiencing emotions in your day to day life. Observe through your emotional map which emotions you feel with more intensity and frequency and do a self-knowledge process for your self-regulation and improvement of emotional management. 

KitCo's value proposition is that it is not a diagnosis, but rather a visual and inspiring tool that helps you discover yourself and make your own decisions. 

You will do this from the reflection according to how you see yourself and how the people in your life see you in different environments (such as family, friends, work, etc.)

You will do your own self-assessment and a 360º analysis of what talents people around you perceive in you.

Has any talent or ability test you've taken ever asked you to ask your family or friends what talents they perceive in you?

Those who know you can say a lot about what talents they see in you. In addition, you may have some talent so innate that you cannot identify it as a talent properly; Those who know you will see it and make you discover it. 

Besides with KitCo you decide what your six main talents are. Yes, that is the difference, there is no result that is worth more than the one from which you feel that it is part of you.

The analysis of the different results of the test, both yours and your environment, will help you to analyze and reflect to finally choose your SIX TALENTS main, those that visualizing yourself developing them feel satisfaction and coherence with yourself

Once we know how to name, we must begin to recognize emotions in order to manage them. We will improve our mental health and our interpersonal relationships. KitCo allows you to recognize the level of frequency and intensity with which you experience your emotions visually through the emotional map

KitCo is your tool to discover your talents Y analyze professions in which you can develop them to contribute your unique value and live a satisfying life. 

You must first perform the dynamics of discovering your talents. Later you must identify which professions require these talents. You can do both with an internet search or ask people from the human resources environment, etc. You can also make use of Professions vs Talents Addendum, found in the kit from KitCo. 

You will live a process of exploration that It will allow you to identify your ideal career or professional.

The first step in developing our emotional intelligence is learn to name emotions. With the 50 emotion cards that you have in the Kit you can play to name the emotions.

Likewise, you will be able to visually analyze the cards of emotions that you will place on your emotional map, according to the intensity and frequency with which you experience the emotion, to become aware and take action.

Values are the compass that guides our lives, the engine of our actions, the DNA of our behavior. Knowing our values will allow us to live a consistent life, a satisfying life.

Through a simple and visual dynamic, you will be able to analyze how coherent your current life is based on your talents and values.

Through the realization of the Ikigai mandala you will be able to identify those activities that you like, through which you can put your talents into practice, allow you to connect with the needs of the environment keeping in mind your values, and for which you they can reward. So that they lead you to a full and satisfying life, to your reason for being, your IKIGAI.​

KitCo Friends & Family

Final price

89 €

KitCo Complete Experience: Cards of Talents, Values and Emotions, with all the dynamics and games.

Designed to spend significant moments with friends or family.

To accompany the children in the education of being. Discover ourselves as unique people, learn from emotions to regulate our impulses and moods, thus improving our mental health and interpersonal relationships.

The KitCo Friends & Family physical game is the same as the KitCo Professional or KitCo Schools. What changes is the web link code that is included in the tool with content that is updated for free.

This web link code contains downloadable and support files. The KitCo Professional web link code includes all the content of KitCo Friends & Family and KitCo Schools.

In this way, the KitCo Familias web link code does not include files such as Client Type Report, School Program, etc. 

KitCo Friends & Family provides a special connection between parents and childrenfriends or teams, discovering aspects of themselves and of others that they did not know and that are necessary for a life in harmony.

Playing, we answer questions such as: What image inspires us and reminds us of someone in the family, someone present at the game, a friend known to all, etc.? What image inspires our dreams? What image inspires us a certain emotion or value? What image reminds us of a situation experienced by everyone in the game present? Etc.

It is a magical game, from which we allow ourselves to live significant moments, talking about profound topics that we normally do not usually comment on day to day, as well as having fun and enjoying a moment of presence with family or friends without screens! !

KitCo Friends & Family's goal is to get to know ourselves and each other better, communicate effectively and provide special connections between those who play.

Until now, educational models have been based on education to acquire knowledge and skills to work. KitCo wants to introduce you in a playful, simple, creative and inspiring way to acquire knowledge and skills to be, improving satisfaction in your life with better mental health and better interpersonal relationships.

It is based on three fundamental aspects: talents, values Y emotions; differentiating especially two blocks:

(i) a playful first block to play games with your partner, family, friends, group or team.

(iii) a second reflection block for individual self-knowledge with dynamics such as: discover your talents, create your value proposition, discover your ideal profession, discover your ikigai, be aware of your genuine values that, having them present in your life, give you more satisfaction, learn to recognize emotions in you and manage them etc.

Common content (KitCo Friends & Family, KitCo Professional and KitCo Schools): 

    • 33 talent cards 
    • 56 stock cards
    • 50 emotion cards
    • 1 board – Emotional Map
    • KitCo Complete Experience Guide Book that includes:
      • (I) Group Dynamics and Games:
        • Sets emotions: mime of emotions, emotional dictionary, how do I feel when?, how are you?, guess the card, emotional map, connecting; 
        • Game of talents: who represents these talents?;
        • sets values: the values of the group, family, friends or partner and the values of the team or company;
        • group game of SDG: the team's sustainable development goals.
      • (II) Dynamics and Individual Games:
        • dynamics of emotions: emotional map dynamics, daily emotional development and my visualization map
        • dynamics of values: discovering my values and dynamics discovering my SDGs.
        • dynamics of talents: discovering my talents, discovering my value proposition, discovering my profession, coherence with my essence and discovering my Ikigai.
    • Web link with support content to make the dynamics and games, as well as downloadable files.
      • Test and talent template
      • values template
      • Coherence template with your essence
      • Ikigai Template
      • Addendum of talents vs professions.
      • KitCo Guide Complete Digital Experience
    • Free regular updates of the web link content from the co-creation of the KitCo community. So you will have new ideas, new games and dynamics, new files and new inspiration to play with the same tool.
    • 1 anti-stress rubber ball
    • Portable container case

There is no additional content in KitCo Friends & Family. 

Letters available in the following languages: (1) Spanish – English, (2) Spanish – Catalan, (3) Catalan – English

NOTE: The cards have inspirational images on one side and the concept of the emotiontalent either worth, and its definition.

Complete KitCo Video

Video of Emotions Cards

Video Game Guess the Card

Video of “Emotional Map” Dynamic

Support video to fill in the Talent template

NOTE: You will find this template in your link of downloadable files when making the purchase of KitCo.  

Support video to fill in the Values template. 

NOTE: You will find this template in your link of downloadable files when making the purchase of KitCo.  

Support video to fill in the template of the dynamics of Coherence with the Being.

NOTE: You will find this template in your link of downloadable files when making the purchase of KitCo.  

Soon new videos 🙂 

Frequent questions

You can use KitCo without the help of a professional, it will certainly be a big step in your life for a more satisfying life. 

Once you do the dynamics that KitCo proposes, you will be able to analyze if a personal development professional will allow you to get more out of the result.

In this case, write to us at kitco.contact@gmail.com, we will give you several contacts of professionals with whom you can work to get more out of the result of your dynamics. 

The dynamic by KitCo are intuitive and inspiring.  The process of self-knowledge and personal development is not an easy process, but KitCo is designed to make the difficult easier.  

Through the dynamics of the guide book you will have all the steps you need to take yourself to self-knowledge and reflection to make decisions that lead to a fuller life. 

Because it is a tool that undoubtedly adds to your life. 

Because it is the way to enter the world of self-knowledge in a creative and simple way, to know who you are, what you want and to be able to make better decisions to take action. 

The design of the cards with inspiring images on one side and on the other with the concepts and definition of talents, values and emotions, It will allow the dynamics to be carried out in a much more playful, creative way, by activating both the left hemisphere of the brain, responsible for analysis and reason, and the right hemisphere of the brain, responsible for intuition and emotion. 

This tool kit is  inspired by "Ikigai", a Japanese term that indicates "Your reason for being". It is intended so that discover your talents, become aware of your values and learn to recognize your emotions, in order to accept them and be able to manage them. 

Likewise, an antistress ball is added, which helps many people to reflect. 

Research indicates that people who know and use their talents are more likely to experience pleasant feelings such as energy, happiness, etc.. and instead less likely to experience unpleasant sensations such as stress, worry, anger or sadness among others.

Investing time and energy in our talents will allow us to turn them into our strengths by combining them with our knowledge and experiences.  Putting our strengths into practice will allow us to be the best version of ourselves.

Knowing your talents will allow you to discover your "ikigai", your reason for being, your mission in life. 

Knowing your talents is having an ace up your sleeve in the search for your professional career or in making decisions. 

Values are the compass that guides our lives, the engine of our actions, the DNA of our behavior. That is why it is important to know what our values are, in order to live in coherence and therefore a satisfactory life. 

The discrepancy between our reality and our values causes us inner conflict, discomfort, that sadness that we do not know where it comes from, that "feeling lost".

Finding out or being aware of what our values are will be of the utmost importance for many situations in our lives, such as knowing which profession to choose, etc. 

Being aware of our values, together with our talents, will allow us to find our "ikigai", our reason for being, for a full life, connecting with what we can contribute to this world, simply because we are unique. 

According to Japanese culture we all have an ikigai, what is known as "Reason to be", our reason for getting up every morning in peace with life and with ourselves. 

find our ikigai It may not be easy, it requires some introspection. It is within us and requires a deep exploration of our being to know him.

We live most of the time by and for our social obligations, as if our own existence had no importance. If we want to contribute to making the world a little better, we must start by taking care of ourselves, to give importance to our being.

The sooner you feel whole, The sooner you discover your ikigai, the sooner those around you will feel the benefits you can bring them.



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