With KitCo, students will learn to manage your emotions for greater well-being

Managing their emotions will allow them to extract useful information from them in order to have a satisfactory response to their actions.

Inadequate emotional management can prevent us from achieving our goals, produce failures in communication and interpersonal relationships, excesses in eating behavior, excessive consumption of certain drugs and even drugs and alcohol.

◦ Emotional Management ◦ Empathy ◦ Self-control ◦

Learning about emotions will lead students to better management of their actions and better communication both internally with themselves and with others


Learning to know our emotions, embrace them and be able to respond to what they tell us by controlling what we want to do with our behavior, allows a better relationship of ourselves with others and in general with the world, because it is emotional ignorance that makes us the world is not at peace.

Learning to manage our emotions is one of the keys to learning to enjoy life



Games based on all levels of emotional intelligence: from understanding what emotions are, learning emotional vocabulary, learning to recognize emotions in themselves and in others, learning to manage them, etc. 

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The Emotional Map game will allow students to learn to recognize the emotions they are feeling more intensely and frequently in order to better understand themselves and carry out appropriate emotional management. As a group, it encourages empathy, the expression of feelings and assertive and effective communication.

To play, we take an emotion card, look at the image to connect with the part of the brain related to intuition and emotion, turn the card over and read the emotion and its definition, connecting with logic and reason. We ask ourselves: Do I feel this emotion with high frequency or low? With high or low intensity? 

Depending on how we feel the emotion, in terms of intensity and frequency, we place the card in one quadrant or another of the emotional map. 

In the case of playing individually, after finishing the game, we will have our emotional map. A map that gives us information about which emotions we are feeling with more intensity and frequency; as well as information about how we are feeling emotions in general at this stage of our life. This information will be the basis for proceeding with KitCo's emotional management dynamics.

In the case of playing in a group, we will express what makes us place the emotion in said quadrant. Our colleagues will have the "KitCo Emotions Question Card" to help us understand and recognize our emotions for good emotional management. For example, they may ask us: in which part of the body do you feel the emotion? Do you remember the last time you felt it?, etc. 


The game “How do I feel when?” Its objective is to get to know ourselves and others better. What helps us to promote empathy and assertive and effective communication. 

It is played in a group and consists of selecting one of the situations indicated on the game board, without the teammates knowing. We take a card of emotions that inspires us to respond how we feel in that situation. The card is shown to the classmates and they must guess what situation it is, one of those indicated on the board, the one that makes us feel the way shown on the emotion card. 

We can play with the KitCo situation board, or with a board made by the situation players themselves who live in their day to day.

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The game "Emotional Dictionary" is played in a group with the aim of acquiring emotional vocabulary and learning to recognize emotions in the body.

Initially, the six cards of the basic emotions of KitCo are worked on. At KitCo we remember that there are no positive or negative emotions, they are all necessary, and what is positive or negative is the information that we get from the emotion. In this game it will be shown what each of the emotions are for. For example, fear serves to prevent us from danger, etc. Thus, once we have obtained the useful information of the emotion, we must take control of the situation to take action, an action that satisfies us.


The game "Guess the Card" is played in a group with the aim of promoting self-esteem, empathy, emotional expression and assertive and effective communication, as well as group cohesion.

Use the images as a base of inspiration to answer questions such as: what image inspires someone? What image inspires us to remember a certain moment? etc.  

Each player has several images. On his turn, the player places an image on the table saying, for example: “this image inspires Laura” (also a player in the group). All the players, except one who is turned and cannot see the game table, must place an image card that inspires Laura. The turned player must guess which was the first playing card, the card that the player in his turn has placed that inspires him on Laura. 

The richness of the game is that each player expresses what in the image has inspired them about the person, situation, etc. in this case on Laura, thus creating magical connections between those who play.

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Dynamics to learn about emotions, you will be able to discover what emotions are and what they are for. You will learn to identify them as "friends" to make a good emotional management. You will answer questions such as: how intensely and frequently do I feel this emotion? What makes me feel this way? In what part of the body do I feel it? What does this emotion mean to me?, etc. 


Students will be able to analyze in a visual way how they are experiencing emotions in their day to day life. They will observe, in their emotional map, which emotions they are feeling with more intensity and frequency. They will do a process of self-knowledge for their self-regulation and improvement of emotional management. 

education of being

KitCo helps students learn the things that will determine their quality of life experience, the quality of their relationships, their mental health and well-being.

KitCo Schools - Education of Being - Complete Experience

Final price

97 €

KitCo Schools Complete Experience: Games and dynamics to accompany the students to get the best out of themselves. 

Based on three pillars: Talents, Values and Emotions.

You will find Games and dynamics so that the students learn to:

  • Know what emotions are and what they serve us for.
  • Have emotional vocabulary. 
  • Recognize emotions in ourselves and in others. 
  • Manage emotions
  • Express their feelings
  • Improve communication
  • Develop creativity
  • Discover and value their talents
  • Discover their value proposition 
  • Be aware of their values
  • Learn about SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
  • Discover their ideal profession or purpose.

Which will lead to:

  • Discover themself as unique people
  • Strengthen their self-esteem
  • Learn to make decisions
  • Manage their emotions and regulate their moods
  • Develop empathy
  • Communicate assertively
  • Improve their interpersonal relationships
  • Connect with the world through Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Improve their mental health

KitCo Schools – full experience contains:

  • 33 talent cards with inspiring images and the concept and definition in two languages (see below)
  • 1 talent test model
  • 56 stock cards with inspiring images and the concept and definition in two languages (see below)
  • 1 value test model
  • 50 emotion cards with inspiring images and the concept and definition in two languages (see below)
  • 17 ODS cards (now on promo)
  • Professional User KitCo Digital Platform (now on promotion) 
  • 1 board – Emotional Map
  • 1 guide book of dynamics and games.
  • 1 anti-stress rubber ball
  • Portable container case

Possible languages to choose from the cards: 

  • Spanish – English
  • Spanish, Catalan
  • Catalan – English

You can request the languages of your cards in comments in the purchase process.

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