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"You have to believe it to create it."
Elsa Gimenez
Engineer & Coach


By Vision we understand the concept of where we are going as a society, what our way of life will be like, what we will value in the future, etc. 

The future is presented as a new world where technology will coexist in symbiosis, a new collaborative and conscious world. It will be based on personal satisfaction through contribution of value from the identity and essence. Where education of being will be essential to live a full life.


We understand as Mission the concept of what our role will be for this future that is presented in our society. The mission is our polar star, our goal. 

To be the accessible place of reference where to find creative, playful and inspiring resources and methodologies that facilitate the education of being.

Accompanying individuals, families or teams, to discover their essence, define and achieve their goals on the road to fullness.


We understand as Purpose the concept of why we do what we do.  

Our purpose is to make a better world through the education of being and the value contribution of people, as unique beings that everyone yes we are


The Values are our guide to reach our pole star, our mission. Values allow us to make the best decisions consistent with our project and team essence. 


At KitCo we always say that trust is necessary because anything that is not built on trust is at risk of breaking. We trust in us themselves, we trust the persons, we trust our draft, we trust the society, we trust that a better world it's possible. 


From the basis of trust in people and considering that we can all make mistakes, honesty emerges by itself at KitCo. Honesty allows us to be ourselves, wanting to add value to society with total good intentions of our actions, knowing that as human beings we can make mistakes, making mistakes an apprenticeship to grow.


Empathy makes us be human, be understanding, understand that each person has their own life circumstance that can make them act in one way or another. From this look of understanding and acceptance at KitCo we want to help people.


We want to help people have confidence in themselves, know what they want, know what their value proposition is to contribute in this society, know how to manage their emotions to improve their mental health and interpersonal relationships, in short, find their happiness within themselves and through their contribution of value to society.


Questioning what we can do better in this society is what led us to create KitCo, questioning the status quo is what allows us to grow. The creativity to think beyond and the desire to achieve a better world helping people is what makes us leads to having innovation as a value.

At KitCo we are aligned with the 17 needs established by the UN, after a global survey, to improve this world. 

We work specifically for the following needs: 

4. Quality education. We are convinced engine of a better society is education. And we fight so that education of being is one of the pillars of educational model. Know who we are, who we want to be, what we need to be happy, how to make decisions that lead us to a fuller life, be consistent with our essence, in short, feel that we add value to this world. 

9. Industry, Innovation and infrastructure. We firmly believe in order to advance and grow we must keep in mind big thinking, develop our creativity and innovate. That's one of our KitCo DNA. With KitCo we want to surprise with new resources and methodologies to help people achieve their goals of adding value and well-being. 

10. Reduction of inequalities. Elsa Giménez, founder of KitCo, is a woman, an engineer woman, and as such has a firm commitment to fighting for gender equality. She belongs to STEM Women Team who lead and collaborate in the STEM Women Congress in developing projects that help girls and women so that there is nothing that limits them in their contribution of value to this society. 

16. Peace, justice and strong institutions. A better world cannot be better if there is no peace. That people feel peace should be a fundamental right. At KitCo we believe that when people discover that happiness is within them, a state of peace is reached that leads to not wanting to harm others. And that is why we will fight for as many people as possible to discover their inner peace to achieve peace in the world. 

17. Alliances to achieve the objectives. Collaboration and cooperation is key to achieving growth towards a better world. Every time we meet someone who has shared dreams of KitCo's purpose, we look for ways to cooperate to grow together and strive to achieve the common goal. 

About me, Elsa Giménez

Founder of KitCo

Elsa Gimenez

I'm Elsa Giménez, founder of KitCo.

engineer"awake" and passionate about personal development to help people have a fuller life.

I studied Chemical Engineering because I was a good student and it was what was expected of me. I did not have the opportunity to analyze what kind of work would make me develop my talents to feel more fulfilled, I did not have the opportunity to become aware of my values to know what I could contribute to this world.

I lived on autopilot, working and developing my professional career, reaching positions of responsibility in several multinationals. But, I don't know if it was the crisis of the forties, or that it came when it had to come, that woke up of a great dream, a dream in which my heart asked me to beat.

And that is when I realized that I had lived a life in which I did not feel myself, and that my heart asked me to do something for myself, to feel consistent with my being.

So I decided to go through my Coaching process which led me to train as Coach, ACTP accredited by ICF in ECOIComprehensive Coaching School. Later I certified as Coach for Adolescents and Families at the EEC, European School of Coaching and as an expert in Effective Communication by the Faber and Mazlish methodology. I also did a Master in Psychology and Emotional Intelligence from the ESNECA Business School. 

My experience as a Coach for teenagers is wonderful, there is something that makes me connect with them and I feel that it's part of my mission because teenagers are the future of this world, and without a doubt I I believe in a better world. I need to help them learn the power of themselves, to learn to get the best of themselves for being unique, despite the fact that schools have measured us all equally. Each of us has some talents and a way of connecting with the worldhelping them discover their path is something that really makes my heart beat. 

Working with adolescents led me to create a methodology and coaching toolkit, playful, simple, and creative, to be able to work some of the sessions more effectively, with the aim of working on talent management and emotional management, and with the aim, among others, of being able to choose their baccalaureate or professional career. 

Teenagers have been my inspiration, they always are, and everything I develop for them I take to adults; because we as adults must also learn about the things that really determine the quality of our life experience and our interpersonal relationships.  

Without a doubt, KitCo is designed for everyone, to families, for schools, for Business, definitely to learn the things that really matter in life. 

About me, Nacho Herrero

KitCo Collaborating Partner

nacho blacksmith

KitCo Collaborating Partner

Communication and advertising professional since 1999 and Coach Certified by ASESCO (2018-2022).

Diploma in advertising and community manager (ICOMI and OBS) as well as in Political Communication 2.0 (Ipolitics - ICPS).

Director of social networks at Xenesis, Creative Director at Sottolineo, Community Manager of the Museu de les Cultures del Món de Barcelona, Museu Etnològic, EstrenAuto, Escandinavia Electricidad and professor of social networks at the SC2 Training Center. Trainer and coach of Quantumbcn

About me, Vero Cuenca

KitCo Collaborator

Vero Cuenca

KitCo Collaborator

I am Vero Cuenca, a certified coach focused on emotional education, passionate about cognitive psychology and continuous training.

I am also a goldsmith, almost 20 years transforming metals into unique pieces that have influenced me in my love for personal transformation, which I live as a way of helping others.

Founder of CreerParaCrecer , a space to cultivate thoughts, emotions and feelings in a more friendly, constructive and adaptive way in order to live more fully.

About me, Joan Recasens

KitCo Contributor

Joan Recasens

My name is Joan F Recasens. Father of two teenagers, amateur long-distance athlete trained in statistics. I have always been surrounded by databases, algorithms and ties. Over the years I achieved what I thought was success, enjoying a good job in a multinational, wife, children, car, flat in a very cozy little town...

After a long period of accumulating personal and professional crises, which I was unable to manage, I realized that managing my emotions was the key to being able to lead my own life, learning to manage my own stress and deciding how difficult situations would affect me.

I started my training in Coaching internationally accredited ACTP by ICF with Ana Merlino and I also certified as facilitator of the Lego® Serious Play® methodology. This allowed me to connect my two cerebral hemispheres and to be able to build and collaborate on projects where emotion and analysis, processes and intuition merge. And, in the same way that everything happens for a reason, the magic of KitCo came to me, with which I connected from the first moment I knew the idea. I will not tell you anything that you have not been able to read on this website... I just want to ask you: And you… do you play to live?


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