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Designed to help students get to know each other, discover themselves as unique people. Discover your talents, strengthen your values and manage your emotions. Encouraging creativity and improving communication.

Students will have resources to be able to carry out a better decision making, which will help them live a full, motivating and satisfying life.

◦ Talents ◦ Professional Orientation ◦ Values ◦ Ikigai ◦ Emotions

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KitCo Schools - Education of Being - Complete Experience

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KitCo Schools Complete Experience: Games and dynamics to accompany the students to get the best out of themselves. 

Based on three pillars: Talents, Values and Emotions.

You will find Games and dynamics so that the students learn to:

    • Know what emotions are and what they are used for.
    • Have emotional vocabulary. 
    • Recognize emotions in themselves and in others. 
    • Manage emotions
    • Express their feelings
    • Improve communication
    • Develop creativity
    • Discover and value their talents
    • Discover their value proposition 
    • Be aware of their values
    • Learn about SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
    • Discover their ideal profession or purpose.
    • Learn to ask yourself questions for reflection

Which will lead to:

    • Discover themself as unique people
    • Strengthen their self-esteem
    • Learn to make decisions
    • Manage their emotions and regulate their moods
    • Develop empathy
    • Communicate assertively
    • Improve their interpersonal relationships
    • Connect with the world through Sustainable Development Goals.
    • Improve their mental health
    • 33 talent cards 
    • 56 stock cards
    • 50 emotion cards
    • Professional User KitCo Digital Platform (now on promotion)
    • 1 board – Emotional Map
    • KitCo Complete Experience Guide Book that includes:
      • (I) Group Dynamics and Games:
        • Sets emotions: mime of emotions, emotional dictionary, how do I feel when?, how are you?, guess the card, emotional map, connecting; 
        • Game of talents: who represents these talents?;
        • sets values: the values of the group, family, friends or partner and the values of the team or company;
        • group game of SDG: the team's sustainable development goals.
      • (II) Dynamics and Individual Games:
        • dynamics of emotions: emotional map dynamics, daily emotional development and my visualization map
        • dynamics of values: discovering my values and dynamics discovering my SDGs.
        • dynamics of talents: discovering my talents, discovering my value proposition, discovering my profession, coherence with my essence and discovering my Ikigai.
    • Web link with content and downloadable files that are updated:
      • Test and talent template
      • values template
      • Coherence template with your essence
      • Ikigai Template
      • Addendum of talents vs professions.
      • KitCo Guide Complete Digital Experience
    • 1 anti-stress ball
    • Portable container case

Letters available in the following languages: (1) Spanish – English, (2) Spanish – Catalan, (3) Catalan – English

You can choose the languages of your letters by adding a message in comments, in the purchase process. 

NOTE: The cards have inspirational images on one side and the concept of the emotiontalent either worth, and its definition.

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Through creative and inspiring dynamics for self-knowledge, personal development and emotional intelligence, students are provided with resources, in a playful way, to help them know who they are and what they want to be. We help them find out what their talents are, their values and learn to manage their emotions.


KitCo will allow students to find their value proposition and discover themselves as unique people. It will allow them to improve their capacity for self-motivation despite frustrations, improving their self-esteem, and empowering them to achieve their goals.


KitCo provides students with resources to make the best decisions, bringing together reflection from a complete perspective: connecting the right hemisphere of the brain (intuition, creativity, emotion) with the left hemisphere (logic and reason).


With the games and dynamics of group KitCo, the students will put into practice the making of agreements. They will learn guidelines for effective communication, they will improve assertive communication, which will allow them to improve their interpersonal relationships.


The KitCo games and dynamics of emotions will allow students to learn emotional vocabulary and recognize emotions in oneself and in others. They will help them work on empathy and the ability to control impulses, regulating their moods, thus improving their interpersonal relationships.


KitCo empowers students to do something they are passionate about, something they are good at, taking into account their values and what the world needs. For this, we take into account the sustainable development objectives of the UN SDG. Our goal is for them to find their "ikigai", their reason for being, seeking happiness within themselves and not in material things or external recognition.

News! Now you have the KitCo Digital Platform available!

In a simple, visual and intuitive way through the dynamics and games of the platform, the students will be able to reflect on who they are, what their talents or abilities are, reflecting on their professional orientation

With the purchase of your KitCo Escuelas we are giving (while we are in beta phase) free access to the "Professional" user registration of the KitCo Digital Platform.

As a "Professional" user you have your own panel to invite and monitor your students. Access with the alphanumeric code found on the QR card that is included in your KitCo Escuelas.

Students will be able to access the KitCo Digital Platform, free of charge while we are in the beta phase, to start their self-knowledge process with these three dynamics: "Discover your talents, Be Aware of your Genuine Values and Coherence with your Essence ".



KitCo allows us to take a step forward in our ability to understand, manage and express our emotions, to improve our mental health and our interpersonal relationships.

School program to work on the Education of Being with KitCo

With a program to work on Education of Being with KitCo
From Infant to High School
With the characteristics of the age in the course and the objectives to work
With 6 activities per course, an activity of about 45 min per month
With all the necessary steps and materials per activity
Organized content to facilitate teacher's work
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Do you work in a school and want a KitCo team to explain the Programs for the Education of Being?

The three pillars of KitCo

At KitCo we are passionate about improving this world, and we are convinced that for this to be possible, it will be increasingly necessary to work on personal development and emotional intelligence. 

We have brought to schools a tool already used by many personal development professionals, creating dynamics and programs adapted to students from the infant stage to adolescents stage, CURRENT ON THREE FRONTS, OUR THREE PILLARS:


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KitCo helps students learn the things that will determine their quality of life experience, the quality of their relationships, their mental health and well-being.

If you are a teaching professional, we have many things to tell you.

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