KitCo lets live moments together with deep conversations and interesting that we do not usually have on a day-to-day basis. Discovering things about yourself and others that you did not know and that are necessary to live a life in harmony. 

KitCo Gamifies the Learning of BEING, what they did not teach us in schools.

With KitCo you will improve your conversations putting into practice the guidelines for assertive and effective communication

For all ages, from children, adolescents, young people and adults.

◦ Talents ◦ Emotions ◦ Values ◦ Expression of feelings ◦ Empathy ◦

KitCo introduces you in a simple, creative and playful way, in the skills to improve our self-knowledge and mental health through relationships with the people around us.



The objective of the game "Emotional Dictionary" is to understand what emotions are, what they are used for, learn emotional vocabulary and learn to recognize them in our body and in that of others.

We will work on the basic emotions and we will understand that there are no positive or negative emotions, but that what is positive or negative is the information that we extract from the emotion. 

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The goal of the game “How do I feel when…?” It is learning to recognize how we feel in certain situations such as: when I think about my future, when I look in the mirror, when they congratulate me for my work, when they criticize my work, when I find a lot of money in a bag, etc. . With this we will learn that in the same situation people feel differently, learning to know ourselves and others better; expressing ourselves and developing empathy.

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The objective of the group game of the "Emotional Map" is to reflect on how we experience emotions. If we live a certain emotion with high or low intensity or with high or low frequency.

Visual awareness of how emotions are being experienced is taken and shared with the group.

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The objective of the game “Guess the Card” is to recognize what inspires us about the people of the family, partner or friends, some memory of lived experience, etc. through the images of the cards. 

This game allows us to have meaningful conversations that we don't usually have on a day-to-day basis. 

With this game you will laugh and cry with emotion.

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The objective of the game “Who do these talents describe?” allows us to recognize the talents in the family, in friends and in teams in a gamified way.

Whoever plays this game has the feeling of having received a gift.

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KitCo Friends & Family

Final price

89 €

KitCo Complete Experience: Cards of Talents, Values and Emotions, with all the dynamics and games.

Designed to spend significant moments with friends or family.

To accompany the children in the education of being. Discover ourselves as unique people, learn from emotions to regulate our impulses and moods, thus improving our mental health and interpersonal relationships.

The KitCo Friends & Family physical game is the same as the KitCo Professional or KitCo Schools. What changes is the web link code that is included in the tool with content that is updated for free.

This web link code contains downloadable and support files. The KitCo Professional web link code includes all the content of KitCo Friends & Family and KitCo Schools.

In this way, the KitCo Familias web link code does not include files such as Client Type Report, School Program, etc. 

KitCo Friends & Family provides a special connection between parents and childrenfriends or teams, discovering aspects of themselves and of others that they did not know and that are necessary for a life in harmony.

Playing, we answer questions such as: What image inspires us and reminds us of someone in the family, someone present at the game, a friend known to all, etc.? What image inspires our dreams? What image inspires us a certain emotion or value? What image reminds us of a situation experienced by everyone in the game present? Etc.

It is a magical game, from which we allow ourselves to live significant moments, talking about profound topics that we normally do not usually comment on day to day, as well as having fun and enjoying a moment of presence with family or friends without screens! !

KitCo Friends & Family's goal is to get to know ourselves and each other better, communicate effectively and provide special connections between those who play.

Until now, educational models have been based on education to acquire knowledge and skills to work. KitCo wants to introduce you in a playful, simple, creative and inspiring way to acquire knowledge and skills to be, improving satisfaction in your life with better mental health and better interpersonal relationships.

It is based on three fundamental aspects: talents, values Y emotions; differentiating especially two blocks:

(i) a playful first block to play games with your partner, family, friends, group or team.

(iii) a second reflection block for individual self-knowledge with dynamics such as: discover your talents, create your value proposition, discover your ideal profession, discover your ikigai, be aware of your genuine values that, having them present in your life, give you more satisfaction, learn to recognize emotions in you and manage them etc.

Common content (KitCo Friends & Family, KitCo Professional and KitCo Schools): 

    • 33 talent cards 
    • 56 stock cards
    • 50 emotion cards
    • 1 board – Emotional Map
    • KitCo Complete Experience Guide Book that includes:
      • (I) Group Dynamics and Games:
        • Sets emotions: mime of emotions, emotional dictionary, how do I feel when?, how are you?, guess the card, emotional map, connecting; 
        • Game of talents: who represents these talents?;
        • sets values: the values of the group, family, friends or partner and the values of the team or company;
        • group game of SDG: the team's sustainable development goals.
      • (II) Dynamics and Individual Games:
        • dynamics of emotions: emotional map dynamics, daily emotional development and my visualization map
        • dynamics of values: discovering my values and dynamics discovering my SDGs.
        • dynamics of talents: discovering my talents, discovering my value proposition, discovering my profession, coherence with my essence and discovering my Ikigai.
    • Web link with support content to make the dynamics and games, as well as downloadable files.
      • Test and talent template
      • values template
      • Coherence template with your essence
      • Ikigai Template
      • Addendum of talents vs professions.
      • KitCo Guide Complete Digital Experience
    • Free regular updates of the web link content from the co-creation of the KitCo community. So you will have new ideas, new games and dynamics, new files and new inspiration to play with the same tool.
    • 1 anti-stress rubber ball
    • Portable container case

There is no additional content in KitCo Friends & Family. 

Letters available in the following languages: (1) Spanish – English, (2) Spanish – Catalan, (3) Catalan – English

NOTE: The cards have inspirational images on one side and the concept of the emotiontalent either worth, and its definition.

Complete KitCo Video

Video of Emotions Cards

Video Game Guess the Card

Video of “Emotional Map” Dynamic

Support video to fill in the Talent template

NOTE: You will find this template in your link of downloadable files when making the purchase of KitCo.  

Support video to fill in the Values template. 

NOTE: You will find this template in your link of downloadable files when making the purchase of KitCo.  

Support video to fill in the template of the dynamics of Coherence with the Being.

NOTE: You will find this template in your link of downloadable files when making the purchase of KitCo.  

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