We are very proud of the KitCo workshop held at 42 Barcelona, by Fundación Telefónica. 

We had the pleasure of sharing the experience with the programmer participants who were discovering and discovering each other. 

We made a first connection dynamics, so that each person chose an image that inspired them something about themselves and another image that inspired them about what they expect from the 42 Barcelona project. Here we were able to get to know each other a little more, entering into a deeper and more meaningful way, outside of what day-to-day life is like. 

Later we did a recognition feedback game, so that each participant took feedback on what talents & strengths other people perceive in him or herself. 

Through a personal discovery dynamic, each participant explored within themselves their talents & strengths and its weaknesses. Each one comes to create their value proposition, establishing their personal brand, defining what makes them unique. 

Through play and in a fun way we were able to be conscious of values important for each person in the group, as well as the important values for a joint project. 

Finally, the participants asked to know more about the part of emotions, and this is when they discovered the magic word that defines what an emotion is and the magic word to do good emotional management.

Without a doubt we lived wonderful and impactful moments, full of meaning and in a fun and entertaining way. We got a 4.8 out of 5 feedback, some of which are the following: 

  • Very good, the tools that teach great. 
  • It has been very good, congratulations on the idea you have had because it is very good.
  • Interesting. It helps to unite the group and to know oneself better.
  • In everyday life you have many opportunities to get to know others, but we don't always find the time to get to know ourselves. This workshop gives this space and tools to know ourselves. It is relevant to know what matters to us, not what we are told should matter, but those things that truly stir us inside. Another concept of self-recognition is those talents and abilities we have. It is also difficult to recognize that we are good at it, since it is too easy to fall into the belief that there is another person who... yes... yes... the other person does it very well, but so do I. This workshop is very interesting.
  • Suitable activity to get to know your colleagues better
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KitCo Workshop // Discover your potential: Personal and Emotional Development Workshop. July 13, 2023

Take advantage of the summer to get to know yourself better and make decisions with confidence!

Summer is a season of light, a bit more calm and free time, and what better time to spend a little while reflecting on ourselves and discovering our true potential.

At the beginning of the summer tranquility, we invite you to immerse yourself in a journey of self-exploration and personal growth.

In this workshop, we will provide you with the necessary tools to know your talents, strengths and values, and use them as a guide in decision making. 

Have you been putting off an important choice in your life? Now is the perfect time to go inside yourself and discover what drives you, what makes you vibrate and what fills you with joy.

Take advantage of these relaxing days and afternoons to deepen your authenticity and understand your emotions in a healthy way. You will learn to manage your feelings, to cultivate your self-confidence and to establish a solid foundation to build meaningful relationships and achieve your goals.

Do you want to start the next chapter of your life with clarity and purpose? Join our workshop and discover how you can take charge of your life with confidence and authenticity. Use this summer to invest in yourself and explore your full potential.

Don't let time pass without taking advantage of it! Sign up for our workshop and discover how to make decisions safely and wisely. Summer is the perfect season to invest in your personal growth and create a solid foundation for a bright future.

We are waiting for you at the Workshop "Discover your Potential: Personal and Emotional Development"! Sign up today and take advantage of this summer to start transforming yourself into the best version of yourself!

#SummerOfSelf-discovery #TakeDecisionsWithConfidence #harvestYourPotential

Interview with KitCo in Educatool

We want to share with you this interview  Alex Letosa  from educatool does Elsa Giménez from KitCo. It was a great interview! Here you can listen to it in the potcast “Caminar Quieto”:

In it we discuss what KitCo consists of, how KitCo is created, what it is for us, family experiences with the KitCo game, etc. Go ahead and listen to it! 

KitCo Madrid Workshop November 7, 2022

Happy to share a new WORKSHOP of KitCo to live a significant experience discovering new innovative, visual and creative tools to work on PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, SELF-KNOWLEDGE and EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE both in groups and individually. 

Based on three important verticals for our life: TALENTS, VALUES and EMOTIONS!

Access here to have more information about the Workshop, we are waiting for you!!! 

At no cost to you!

Great project to add value, for young people!

We are very proud and happy to be able to announce this great project that KitCo has achieved together with beUnicoos Thanks to the great work of the team at INJUVE Youth Institute of Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 and to European initiatives such as Erasmus + and TCA NET of the Erasmus solidarity corp

Training course in October 2022 in which young people (from 18 years old) can:

1.- Pass a process of self-knowledgeself discovery through the dynamics of KitCo to answer two of the most important questions of our lives: who I am? and what do I want?

2.- Create your own value proposal from their talentsvalues

3.- Connect with the world through SDG (sustainable development goals) and tools created by beUnicoos to make the process fun and exciting.

4.- Develop the competencies required in the professional field.

5.- Create your own action plan Of future

6.- Getting certifications of: Self-knowledge, ODS and Youthpass.

7.- Through an online and experiential experience in the metaverse thanks to the platform

And much more thanks to the work of the training team: DAVID GRILL STREET (founder of UNICOOS Y beUnicoos Elsa Gimenez Buendia (founder of KitCo), Gustavo Medina (founder and CEO of, Francisco Alcaraz-Cabero (partner of UNICOOS and co-founder of beUnicoos), Nacho Herrero Hernando (partner of KitCo), Esther Rocasalbas Samso (executive coach and partner of KitCo), Leyre Varela (Talent and Career Transition Coach | collaborator of KitCo)

And great speakers such as, among others: Susanna Cabos (Agile Methodology), Ana Maria Olivan (The elements), Martha Larraz (Personal brand), Maria Jesus Saenz Suso (Stress Management), Beti Ribs (Wellness), etc.

Help us spread this message, so that young people can sign up totally free to this great project created by and for them.

Registration deadline: September 19

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KitCo Q2 Barcelona Certification Workshop

Happy to share a new CERTIFICATION WORKSHOP of KitCo to live a significant experience discovering new innovative, visual and creative tools to work on personal development, self-knowledge and emotional intelligence both in groups and individually. 

Based on three verticals: Talents, Values and Emotions!

Access here to have more information about the Workshop, we are waiting for you!!! 

DISC & KitCo workshop

Happy to share a new WORKSHOP of KitCo with  Martha Freire from GET IN DISC MODE to live a significant experience discovering new innovative, visual and creative tools to work on personal development, self-knowledge and emotional intelligence both in groups and individually. Based on three verticals: Talents, Values and Emotions!

Access here to have more information about the Workshop, we are waiting for you!!! 

What is KitCo Families?

We have prepared this explanatory video with examples of the games so that you can understand what KitCo Familias consists of and all the potential that it allows you to develop according to the current stage and moment of your life. 

Whether you have small children, as teenagers, or if you don't have children, this game will allow you to live significant moments both with yourself and with the people around you. 

You will see that KitCo Families presents two clearly differentiated blocks, one more playful and the other more for individual reflection.

With the playful part you can take advantage of playing with KitCo with your family, with your partner, with your friends, learning about emotions, sharing deep conversations and expressing feelings that we do not usually express in our day to day, which will lead you to Get to know each other better and improve communication and interpersonal relationships. 

With the individual reflection part you will be able to work on your personal growth process, becoming aware and learning to make decisions that improve the satisfaction and motivation of your life. 

I remember that @ Sílvia Carré, patron of KitCo, called KitCo: “the games brought together for the education of the being”. I loved that name, thank you Sílvia for baptizing KitCo 🙂 with a name that clearly sums up its potential.

I would also like to thank all of you who have allowed us to share your videos in order to explain with real images what the games consist of. Thank you 🙂

KitCo Emotion Cards

We are very happy to show you in this video some examples of the images of the KitCo emotion cards!

In total there are 50 emotion cards to play 8 emotional training games, both individually, as a couple, as a family, with friends or as a team.

One side of the emotion cards shows the inspiring image that makes us connect with the right hemisphere of our brain (intuition, emotion, creativity, etc.) and on the other side we have the concept of emotion and its definition that Through language it makes us connect with the left hemisphere of our brain (logic, reason, etc.). The complete reflection to enter our interior occurs when our intuition, emotion, etc. merges with logic and reason.

Likewise, you will be able to see that on the face of the definition of each emotion a background color is presented depending on the family of the basic emotion with which it is related. For example, the emotion "fun" is related to the family of the basic emotion of "joy", colored yellow.

We hope you like them and that they are very useful for your emotional training!

We already have the KitCo packaging!

We already have our KitCo here!

It has been very cool! We like the packaging a lot and it is also soft to the touch 🙂

In this video we show you what you will find inside your KitCo: Your KitCo Guide (with group and individual dynamics and games), the Emotional Map (with three boards for three sets of emotions), the deck of 50 cards of emotions, the deck of 57 value cards and the deck of 33 talent cards, as well as a yellow Group Agreement Card and a Question Card for your emotional training.

You also have an anti-stress ball to establish turn to speak in the group game or to facilitate individual reflection.

We hope you enjoy it and that it takes you creatively, playfully and inspiringly into the education of being!

Your KitCo almost ready!

We already have the KitCo packaging almost ready! We show you a video of how it is turning out, with the real packaging and the content such as the guide book, emotional map and cards as a model.

We are very happy and we hope that soon you can have it!

A hug !

KitCo's journey begins now, shall we go together?

There are many reasons why we will fight so that you are always happy to be a patron of KitCo.

The first, because KitCo unites us to be people who strive to improve life satisfaction through self-knowledge, personal development and emotional intelligence. And this undoubtedly means that we are doing our bit to make a better world.

The second, because KitCo will be for and for you, patrons. We know that the process of looking inside ourselves, learning to manage our emotions and having meaningful and deep conversations with family, friends or teams is not an easy process. KitCo aims to help you make this process a little easier. Therefore, all the information you provide us will be really useful.  We want both to help you get the most out of KitCo, and to give us your comments to grow together and better.

You will have our personal telephone that we will send you by mail, so that you can contact me when you consider it. Anyone who wants to can participate in a KitCo patron WhatsApp group that we will open so that we can benefit together from questions and answers to help us get the best out of KitCo. Likewise, we invite you to follow KitCo both on linkedin ( and on facebook (@tuKitCo2020) and on the website itself ( Soon we will be on twitter and instagram, we will notify you.

Patrons, welcome to this new journey, an exciting journey that leads us to delve into our essence to live life in coherence and harmony that all people need.

Thank you patrons for being there, for believing in KitCo, but above all for believing in the importance of looking within ourselves to live a fuller life, improving both our health and interpersonal relationships, making this a better world. Because you have to believe it to create it.

Thank you Patrons, together we have achieved it!

Thank you Patrons!! Together we have achieved it!! Thank you from my heart, you are and always will be part of KitCo. Your contributions and your support by sharing the project help pay for KitCo's production process, as well as the development of an online platform that is a community of games and personal growth dynamics according to needs. KitCo's objective is to contribute to improving people's life satisfaction with self-knowledge, personal growth, emotional education and the practice of effective communication. KitCo offers you games and dynamics that will allow you to make decisions that increase the satisfaction of your life, improve your mental health and improve interpersonal relationships. KitCo provides a special connection between parents and children, as well as teams, allowing them to have meaningful conversations and discovering aspects of themselves and others that they did not know, necessary to live a harmonious coexistence. KitCo is already in the production process, we will give you good news soon, we will have it sooner than expected 🙂 Thank you for supporting the project, thank you for sharing on your networks, thank you for your comments. All this allows KitCo to grow to give you the best. A hug with the best of beautiful energies for all of you!!