KitCo Emotion Cards

We are very happy to show you in this video some examples of the images of the KitCo emotion cards!

In total there are 50 emotion cards to play 8 emotional training games, both individually, as a couple, as a family, with friends or as a team.

One side of the emotion cards shows the inspiring image that makes us connect with the right hemisphere of our brain (intuition, emotion, creativity, etc.) and on the other side we have the concept of emotion and its definition that Through language it makes us connect with the left hemisphere of our brain (logic, reason, etc.). The complete reflection to enter our interior occurs when our intuition, emotion, etc. merges with logic and reason.

Likewise, you will be able to see that on the face of the definition of each emotion a background color is presented depending on the family of the basic emotion with which it is related. For example, the emotion "fun" is related to the family of the basic emotion of "joy", colored yellow.

We hope you like them and that they are very useful for your emotional training!

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