How are the organizational charts of companies changing and how does this imply that we work on our self-knowledge?

The best known organizational structure to date has been the vertical hierarchical structure.  This hierarchical pyramidal structure is marked by authority, with responsibility and decisions falling especially on the top of the pyramid. 

Although it has been a structure that has been adapted by all types of companies, both production and service, the hierarchical structure is designed for jobs with clear and repetitive processes, with stable environments. It is characterized by being a productive and efficient structure in jobs that do not require innovation or creation, but only production. This would be the case, for example, of industrial production chains.

But, What is happening right now that you need to know?

First of all, we are in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment. Namely, we find ourselves in a highly dynamic market full of uncertainty, where innovation and creativity become two necessary axes to be competitive. The second is that this vertical hierarchical structure is an inflexible structure that does not facilitate innovation or creativity. Hence More and more companies are envisioning this need to change the organizational structure from being hierarchical to being adhocratic, flat structures where all members have high responsibility and authority.

Companies with this type of structure are more agile and flexible, workers have high autonomy and freedom and are usually more motivated. Companies where communication flows better and with more transparency. In addition, these types of organizations allow people to be closer to the client, they are more client-centric organizations, companies that make decisions with the customer in mind and that evolve to give their customers the best. Adhocratic structures are based on project management, in a given project there is a multidisciplinary team and people carry out their duties based on their talents.  

The adhocratic culture focuses on the creation of VALUE, it is the necessary structure for this new highly changing and competitive stage.  

And now comes the important thing that you should know, this adhocratic structure, which is increasingly recognized and necessary for companies, is related to Job Crafting. And, you will probably say: What is this job crafting?

Normally, when a company needed to expand its workforce, it looked for someone to cover the functions of a specific job position.  With job crafting, companies do not seek to fill positions, they seek the talents of people, they focus on the person. Depending on the talents of the person, it will be included in some types of projects or others. 

It is because of that In this new stage, self-knowledge is even more necessary, knowing what our talents are, knowing what we are good at and what we like to do. Because that is what will give value to the company that wants to hire us and because thanks to it we will do a job that we like, that makes us feel satisfied.

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